Thursday, February 21, 2008

Faded Glory

Never underestimate the power of a leprechaun.

Last March, I knitted a pair of green/gray Koigu socks, and accused the leprechauns of stealing the green color from my photo after I washed and blocked the socks. And I've been wearing them happily ever since.
Last weekend, I discovered a wee hole in the heel of one of these socks. Being the packrat that I am, I dug around in my sock remnants until I found the Koigu leftovers to darn the hole with.
What's up with this? I had to double-check the label to make sure it was the same yarn. Has anyone else experienced this type of fading with Koigu??

As a sanity-check, I dug out some leftover Tanzanite Socks That Rock from October 2006. I wear these socks *all the time* and they get washed in the machine at least once a week, and also needed a wee bit of TLC for a worn-thin spot in the heel..

See? Hardly any fading at all -- if any. They still look awesome.
Was it the Koigu?
Or the Curse of the Leprechauns? *
*(I should probably trademark this and offer it up on eBay as a great title for a horror movie!!)

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Beth said...

I only have 1 pair of Koigu socks and haven't noticed any fading. Maybe you just got a bad skein. I hope that's all it is, because I intend to knit more from Koigu - sooo soft.