Monday, March 12, 2007

A Touch of Blarney

I found a wee person visiting my house the other day, and managed to stare him in the eye just long enough to convince him to hold my March sock whilst I photographed it.

Now, many people will tell you that a real leprechaun cannot be photographed, but I'm here to tell you that's just not true. But it is not without cost. And in this instance, my little friend used his magic to drain the green from my Koigu sock in the photo, leaving only Blarney Stone gray behind with a touch of moss. Yep, this sock is actually quite green in real life. In fact, it is a very close match to the mossy agates I used for the sock charm! I purchased this Koigu on a trip to Bodega Bay, on a day when the fog and rain lightly obscured the green trees and hills: a perfect match for this MOSSY GREEN yarn -- with just a touch of gray.

'Tis an disappointment everlasting that you can't see the real color except when you see the socks in real life. ButI guess that's the price you pay for trying to fool with the Wee Folk.

Ah, well. Next time I catch a leprechaun, I'll just go for his gold.

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Your Sockret Pal said...

Gorgeous! And in plenty of time for the big holiday this Saturday. :)