Friday, June 23, 2006

The Amazing Lace Challenge 3: Poetry Obstacle

Pavlov’s Lace Knitter

She started this lace with the best of intention,
Working diligently day and night.
But distractions abound -- too many to mention,
And the lace? It’s now out of sight.

Cheeky little socks vie for attention
Their self-striping colors so bright.
What fun it is, this Faire Isle-ish invention!
So the lace? It’s now out of sight.

KADD, she claims with some pretension --
Knitting Attention Deficit Disorder –- yeah, right.
More like a lack of project retention,
Because the lace? It’s now out of sight.

So she finds herself in this knitters’ convention
“The Amazing Lace,” to be polite.
The spirit of challenge, the competitive tension --
And the lace? It now sees the light!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Amazing Lace Challenge 2: X-treme Distraxions

(K2, yo, k2tog)
OK, we're doing great! We're humming right along now, Peacock and I. We are definitely in sync and knitting well. Our rhythm is good, we're making great time. Concentrate, concentrate. Yeah, we can do this.
(Yo, k2tog, yo)

Here's the first hurdle: a half-knit sock trying to distract us from our goal. Typical "cheerleader" stuff. Won't work this time. No way.
(K2, k2tog, yo)

Next hurdle: a lovely skein of self-striping Fortissima in fabulous shades of pink. No. No. No. Do not look. Do NOT look. Keep knitting. Eyes on the lace.
(Yo, K2tog, yo)

Whoa. This is getting a lot harder: a skein of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock --- and Harry Potter Book 6 on CDs! Yow! M_u_s_t k_e_e_p f_o_c_u_s_e_d. Do not give in to temptation. Do not quit. Keep knitting. Keep knitting. Hang in there with me, Peacock! Don't give up!
(K2, yo, k2tog)

OH NO! Foul!! Foul!! No fair!! This is the worst distraction of all!!! It's Team Jane Austin with a stack of DVDs and a skein of purple Socks That Rock!!!! And Mr. Darcy, too! There's no way I can watch a DVD and knit lace! NOooooooooo! Oh, the humanity!

All rightie, then. Come on, Peacock. We can play hardball, too. Extreme times call for extreme measures: time to pull out our secret defensive knitting tactic: the bonnet! Must...keep...eyes...on...lace. Must...keep...eyes...on...lace. Come on, we can do it...we...must...we...must...we...must...