Monday, June 12, 2006

World Wide Knitting In Public Day -- Sacramento Style


cindi said...

Oh, my God, I can't believe how white my legs are. Must tan. Your pics are better than mine!

cher said...

I posted some information about the baseball game on the Chicks with Sticks Meetup group page last Friday. I tried to email you a request to become a member but i think I have the wrong email address for you. Hopefully I'll see you tomorrow. Sandi is in the group so if you can't sign on I'm sure she has the info. See you soon!

Karla said...

Ya'll look so comfortable and as if you're having a good time knitting! How's the temperatures there? Down here in Georgia it is HOT! But it's Summer and to be expected.

I'm visiting from Knit Wit Momma's blog (Jenn) because you left a comment there saying about the south "every time I visit, it strikes me how POLITE people are --- so very different from California." Well, I just felt proud that this facet of our southerness was felt by you. I do feel that most people here in the south are friendly and moreso than in some other states. But to hear someone else say they notice it, it was just a pleasure. Thank you!

BTW, I used to live in California (with my mom) when I was a pre-adolescent (12), and I will never forget coming home to my dad here in Georgia. You mentioned the "greenery" in your comment, too, and that truly was the first thing I noticed as the plane was landing in Atlanta....there were so many trees! Such GREENNESS! I was coming from the Torrance, CA area and had lived in Long Beach, too. But that initial vision of Georgia when I arrived back in 1980 really has stuck with me all these years. It was such a contrast to the area of California that I lived in. I loved the sight of those California mountains, though. There is nothing like them!

Thank you again for your compliments about the south. I hope we always live up to them. :)