Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Amazing Lace Challenge 1: Part Four -- The Interview

Shhh! Here comes The Amazing Lace reporter, Purl Stitch. Stop slouching Peacock --straighten out those markers and look lacey. Sock, you just duck down in that purse and keep out of sight!

Hello, Purl! Welcome to Team Top Frog Headquarters!

Yes, yes -- things are going quite well for our team. It’s all in the advance preparation and organization, you know. We have been training very hard together on a regular basis for quite some time. We are highly motivated and, of course, we get along so well together – it’s quite a joy to be both teammates and old friends.

No, Peacock doesn’t have much to say. She’s just a bit tired. She’s been working out really hard to maintain her prime conditioning, and prefers to conserve her energies for the competition ahead. It’s all about discipline and self-control, you know.

Sock? What sock? Oh. That sock. Er, that’s our, um, cheerleader! Yeah, our cheerleader! Uh, Cheeky Sock!

What? Well, yes, I guess his little DPNs are pretty cute.

Peacock and I are … oh, uh, they’re 6-inch size 0.

Now where was I? Oh -- Peacock and I are planning to use stitch markers on each repeat…um, yes, he’s a self-striper.

And we will install lifelines … oh, uh, Fortissima Socka.

We’ve color-coded Peacock’s pattern to… well, he’s Wendy’s Generic Toe-up sock pattern with a modified Easy Toe.

Yes, he does help keep our spirits up and makes sure we always stick to our training schedule.

Oh, of course! Cheeky Sock and Peacock get along very well – just like they were knit from the same skein.

OK, she’s gone. Peacock, would it have killed you to at least flash a stitch marker? And you, “Mr. Cheeky Sock” – I thought I told you to keep down. Well, it’s too late now. I guess you’re on the team. You don’t have to look so smug about it. Stop sulking, Peacock. Yes, of course you’re still the star of the team. No, no, no -- you won’t have to share your tote bag with him.


cindi said...

I have a feeling there's rocky times ahead for Team Top Frog!

Rachel said...

GREAT intro! It sounds like you and your lace need to have a frank talk about the role of the sock in your relationship or there's going to be a lot of mistrust.