Monday, May 29, 2006

The Amazing Lace Challenge 1: Part Three -- Team in Training

The problem with a strict training regimen is discipline.

In which I seem to be sorely lacking.

I should be hard at work studying Peacock and coaxing her to perform training runs with her patterning. We are both really rusty and out of practice. Besides this, there are stitch markers that need to be built, and a toolkit to assemble.

But distractions abound. Chief among these is a pesky little sock playing peek-a-boo from my purse. I know it wants my attention for “just a few minutes.” After all, it won’t take too long to knit one more stripe with its playful self-patterning yarn, and turning its heel will only take a little while. These little take-along projects are so cute and quick, and they never seem to mind if I chat with friends or watch Pride and Prejudice on DVD.

Peacock grumps next to her tote bag, needles crossed, and glares accusingly at the cheeky little upstart sock…and me.

Sorry, little sock. Sorry, Mr. Darcy.

Duty calls. My teammate needs me.

Welllll … maybe just one more stripe. A little one.

1 comment:

cindi said...

I know that sock! She's nothing if not persistent, isn't she? And patriotic, of course!