Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The flamingo has landed!

Lookie what I got in the mail yesterday! With a fun message like this on the outside, you just just know it's gonna be good on the inside!

And it IS!!! It's a tropical knitting party in a box -- WOW! Everything is so wonderful -- a fabulously fun felted flamingo pattern with all the yarn to knit them up ( I can hardly wait!), a ball of gorgeous self-striping sock yarn (how did you know? ) , some burgundy KnitPicks Gloss (merino & silk -- yummmm!), a really cute froggie calendar for 2007 (too cute -- and just perfect!), and a roll of Smarties (which I just love!) See -- I told ya: WOW! Solid gold. Solid.

The weather yesterday was cloudy, cold, and gloomy. Then I opened this box of tropical delight -- and today is bright and sunny. Coincidence? I think not. Not even the weather could resist cheering up with a Sockret Pal goodie box like this. Thanks, Sockret Pal -- you done good, In fact, you done GREAT! :)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

OK — who spilled the coffee on my socks?

Well, no one, actually.

These socks are knit with Austermann Step sock yarn, with aloe and jojoba oil right in the yarn. The yarn was a dream to knit with, and the socks are comfy to wear. The colors remind me of mixed berry sherbet — all except for the BROWN spots throughout. ??? I just don't get that color combination at all. It looks like someone spilled coffee on my socks ( not that I would personally know what that actually looks like, you understand.)

Oh, well — they are so nice to wear, I'll just hide them beneath tall shoes and long pants.

And we'll just keep this coffee stain business to ourselves, OK? But if I ever visit the Austermann yarn factory spinning room, I'm gonna look for those messy coffee drinkers!

Here's the knit-in stitch marker for these socks. (It's a lampwork glass bead with a gold frog and a Swarovski crystal. All berry colors — no brown!)

Thursday, November 16, 2006

A Different Kind of Sock

This sock is the kind you hang 'on the chimney with care,' and it's for my newest little cousin, Clayton. It's an old Mary Maxim pattern, but I make it slightly larger -- about 24 inches long. And yes, it is acrylic yarn for easy care in all climates. :)

Sometimes, for very special couples (who have been pre-qualified as those who would appreciate such), I will knit a pair of Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus Christmas stockings as a wedding present. Later on, as children arrive to these couples, I'll knit a coordinating stocking for baby's first Christmas. I just love visiting these homes and seeing well-used stockings hanging on the mantels year after year. Clayton's stocking will join those of his big sister Kylie and their parents.

Welcome, Clayton! Enjoy!