Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The flamingo has landed!

Lookie what I got in the mail yesterday! With a fun message like this on the outside, you just just know it's gonna be good on the inside!

And it IS!!! It's a tropical knitting party in a box -- WOW! Everything is so wonderful -- a fabulously fun felted flamingo pattern with all the yarn to knit them up ( I can hardly wait!), a ball of gorgeous self-striping sock yarn (how did you know? ) , some burgundy KnitPicks Gloss (merino & silk -- yummmm!), a really cute froggie calendar for 2007 (too cute -- and just perfect!), and a roll of Smarties (which I just love!) See -- I told ya: WOW! Solid gold. Solid.

The weather yesterday was cloudy, cold, and gloomy. Then I opened this box of tropical delight -- and today is bright and sunny. Coincidence? I think not. Not even the weather could resist cheering up with a Sockret Pal goodie box like this. Thanks, Sockret Pal -- you done good, In fact, you done GREAT! :)


Your Socket Pal said...

I'm so relieved that you like it! I was worried that I had sent out a dud. ;) My intention is to send at least one froggy item in each box. We'll see how that works out.

Beth C said...

Worried? You gotta be kidding! :) Everything is wonderful! I count myself very fortunate to have such a thoughtful Pal as you. :)

cindi said...

Nice swag! I can't wait to see you knit the flamingos. If you stay true to "if it's good enough to knit one it's good enough to knit a hundred" form, you'll have an entire yard full of them in no time flat!