Friday, March 02, 2007

Lorna's February Challemge: the Brea Bag

Last month I blogged about Lorna Miser's monthly challenges that she sets for our local knitting guild.

Her February Challenge -- the results of which were shown at our March 1 meeting -- was the Brea Bag. Here's mine -- the Bus to Reno Special!

Although the design is hard to see in this photo, it shows up well in real life! I knit it from Lion Brand Suede on size 8 needles, and it really does have a great texture. It is lined, and I inserted strips of magnets between the lining and the bag to combat the gap-osis that is the bane of this pattern's design. It also has a large gold button on each side with a tasseled loop closure.

I was getting a little short on time, and I still needed a strap, so into the deepest depths of my closet I went. And there I found a glistening little remnant of the 80's -- a gold leather-and-chain belt! Aha! It makes a great shoulder strap! However, it does remind some people of the purses observed on the "gambler special" busses to Reno, hence the name.

Here are all the Brea Bags and their creators who were at the meeting last night. (There are still several in progress, and they will make their showing next month -- or whenever!) :)

The variety was awesome -- big ones, small ones, all kinds of yarn, felted -- you name it: every one as unique as it's maker. This program is quite a hit with our guild members!

Our Challenge for March: fingerless gloves!

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Your Sockret Pal said...

I can just imagine how great that is in the Suede yarn. :)