Monday, March 03, 2008

Milinda managed!

If you heard loud whooping this past week, that might have been me. If you heard a sigh of relief, that was probably me, too.

I finished a long-standing (3-year) UFO intended for my daughter.

Joan M-M's Milinda pattern is well-written, and the rose-leaf patterned portion knitted up like a dream. In fact, I made it a bit longer than the pattern called for. But then the project hit deep doo-doo. It is supposed to fit closely, and the intended recipient is not a single pattern size. I re-knit the top portion 3 times in different size combinations and reknit the bust short rows over and over until I had to change yarn skeins because I had nearly worn out the original skein. I just didn't like the way the short rows looked, and tried every method I could find until I finally hit on one that didn't show too badly. I dragged that project across the country for fittings several times, just to discover it was too loose here, too tight there, too big there, too small here.

Frog it. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

But the third time was the charm. It. Fit.

And she likes it! She really likes it! :))


Beth said...

And she looks great in it so it was worth all the rips and re-dos. What a great job. You're the poster child for perseverance. :)

Ninaclock145 said...

And she looks gorgeous! I'm talking about both the sweater and your daughter! Good job!

Terry & Jonesy said...

Stunning - and the sweater looks good too.