Friday, August 24, 2007

Tag team knitting

Yesterday afternoon a mysterious little box arrived in the mail. Tag! I'm It!

It's the Ragtag Knitsters team box from Dishrag Tag, all the way from Amanda in New Hampshire. She included a beautiful spiral dishcloth, a couple of strudy skeins of dishcloth cotton, a snack to keep knitting on, and a New Hampshire postcard.

I had my needles and pattern all ready to go. Since California is the golden state, I selected the gold and white yarn and knitted up the California cloth from the amazing Rhonda K. White. I added a set of my own TopFrog stitchmarkers, a package of Jelly Bellys (the factory is just up the road a piece), a couple of balls of cotton -- and taped the box back up!

This morning the Ragtag Knitsters box is on its way to Sarah in Arizona. It should be there on Monday or so. Go Ragtag Knitsters!


Beth said...

Still waiting.... maybe my team's forgotten me. :(

NH Knitting Mama said...

I'm so happy youi got it so quickly! Our team rocks!

thursday said...

Thanks for the stitch markers and pretty cotton yarn!