Thursday, July 05, 2007

Heir of Slytherin Socks

My Sockret Pal Beth E has extended her craft repertoire to include yarn dying. For her very first project, she created some excellent self-striping Slytherin-themed yarn, and knitted up some very slithery socks. Then, because she is a Slytherin who actually paid attention to the Sorting Hat's message about inter-house cooperation and friendship, she generously sent me enough to make my own slythery socks, even though I was sorted into Gryffindor. (I am positive this is exactly the kind of thing the Hat was referring to.) :)

So here they are — the Heir of Slytherin socks! I used the basic Broadripple pattern, as Beth did for hers, and I used size 2 DPNs. I also made them toe-up, which reversed the pattern. And I used a short-row heel. I like the effect! I think it looks very reptilian and shows off Beth's beautiful stripes. The knit-in marker is black onyx with a green Swarovski crystal. I washed them, blocked them, and folded them neatly in my sock drawer.

These are my 3rd pair of Summer of Socks socks, and the 5th in my Summer of Magical Socks series.

Later, as I was passing by, I heard a hissy-kind of voice issuing from the room where the socks are stored. I couldn't understand what the voice was saying — but it could have been speaking Parseltongue.

When I entered the room, I saw this . . .


Beth said...

Holy Cow! You knit those so fast! I'm really impressed - and totally chuffed to see that yarn knit by someone other than me. :)

I'll be wearing mine to the movie sometime Next Week. It's almost here!

cindi said...

SSSSSSSOOOOOOOOO niccccccccce! I like the way the pattern lookssssssss upssssssside down, too.