Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sockret Safari

My Sockret Pal is terrific when it comes to theme packages! Remember the Tropical Knitting Party? And the Froggy Christmas? Now she's gone wild! Look at this great safari-design coordinated wrapping! How cool is that? Great presentation is indeed half the fun of receiving a gift!

The other half of the fun is opening the gifts!! My safari includes: some yummy chocolate to keep up one's strength (which, once opened, didn't last long!); a civilized little tea party (2 kinds of tea and a generous package of tea biscuits); a trio of tree frog goodies (cute sox, an enameled purse holder, and a frog ball --my domesticated little cat will love this!); and a lovely-scented lavendar/oatmeal soap bar, for relaxing after a long day in the urban jungles.

There were also two balls of wildly-beautiful Noro Aurora: my Pal suggested that I haven't done a lace project for a while, and hopes this Noro will tempt me. Mischief managed! :) The moment I saw those beautiful shimmering shades of green and blue, I knew this yarn has to be a lacy scarf!

But there was one thing more in this safari package . . . something lion-ish . . .

Gryffindor sock yarn! GRYFFINDOR SOCK YARN!!! I am so excited about this yarn! I love all things Harry Potter, but have never seen this yarn before -- it's beautiful! Who knew? I can hardly wait to get it on the needles -- and then on my feet! Gryffindor socks!!

Thanks for everything, Sockret Pal -- this is one wonderful safari! :)


Your Sockret Pal said...

I'm so glad you like everything! For some more HP knitting, you need to read Alison's Blue Blog:
Scroll down and look at the right side of the page - lots of Weasley and other HP stuff!

cindi said...

Is that Gryffindor yarn from Dani at Sunshine yarns?? I hope you remember to bring it to dinner on Thursday, so I can ogle it!

tasterspoon said...

My only direct exposure to Harry Potter related items has been eyeing the Any Flavor (?) Jelly Beans at the Jelly Belly factory between me and Sacramento.

Apparently the ear wax and snot and dirt ones really do taste like ear wax and snot and dirt. Not that I'd have any idea what those taste like.

But so I've been afraid to experiment.