Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Merry January

Happy New Year!

As my 2007 knitting resolution, I resolve to knit one pair of sox per month. So here's my January pair.

Whazzat you say? What's up with the jingle bells and Christmas colors in January?

Well, I had intended to knit myself a festive pair of sox all ready to jingle-in the Christmas season last year. HA!

Of course, I got so busy knitting socks and other items for gifts that my socks never made it out of the skein stage.

So, to ensure that they will be ready THIS year, I started (and finished!) my own Christmas socks early. January early. Now when December rolls around, I will be ready to don my jingly apparel and celebrate the season. :)

Hey! Maybe I should start some other Christmas knitting and get a few gifts done early this year!


I'll have plenty of time in November.

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