Tuesday, August 04, 2009

And awaaaaay we go!

Yarn for classes? (check!)
Extra needles? (check!)
Old-fashioned pair of straight needles for Guinness World Record attempt (check!)
Knitting project for airplane? (check!)
Confirmation numbers? (check!)
Credit card? (check!)
Stitch markers for trading? (check!)
Little sock for lapel? (check!)
Socks to match all outfits? (check!)
Oh, yeah. Clothes? (check!)

OK! I think I am ready to head off to Portland to the Sock Summit! Yay!

Ya know... I get the weirdest looks from my non-knitting co-workers and friends.

"Knitting convention? Socks??? You're kidding!"

Yet if I said I was going to a technical summit, or software convention, or a fly-fishing convention, or a car show, or a travel expo, or a home and garden show -- no one would raise an eyebrow.

There's a lot of PR work to do for knitting. Maybe the word will get out that the mayor of Portland proclaimed this week "Sock Knitting Week." Or maybe someone will notice those SIX sold-out hotels around the Portland Convention Center.

Wouldn't count on it.

Well, I'm doing my part. I'm on my way! :)

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