Thursday, September 14, 2006

Ok, just a little more sewing

Since Son & Fiancee have multiple cats, I couldn't resist one more tablecloth when I found this print. This is a Laurel Burch design -- "Jungle Songs"-- and features cute leopard-style cats.

Of the three tablecloths I sent, this is the one that immediately ended up on the table.

And since I can't stand to leave the last little scraps un-sewn, I used leftovers from the crane tablecloth to make coasters. Perfect for using up scrap oddments! These coasters are padded, and four folded squares are tucked behind each other on the top like a french box fold. They can be used flat for a glass or mug, or the foot of a wine glass can be tucked into the fold. A quilter friend showed me how to make them while we were having lunch in a restaurant one day. She used napkins to demonstrate the technique, but for you, I found an online source of directions. :)


Birdsong said...

Lovely oriental fabrics; I am partial to them even though I haven't ever finished my Kitty Pippin quilt design. She will be teaching at our quilt guild's retreat in October, but I will be too busy with the details to sit still and sew!

cindi said...

Those coasters are too cool! I'll have to send the pattern to my sister, the quilting queen.