Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A Visit to the Sailing Knitter

While in San Diego last weekend, we paid a visit to Terry, The Sailing Knitter. Terry and her husband have abandoned the Sierra foothills for a life of adventure on the high seas. Many just dream of shedding the suburban hustle -- Terry actually did it!
However, Terry did make sure to keep her most important treasures with her -- like her yarn stash and her library of essential knitting resources. It's amazing how many little boat cubbyholes can be adapted to hold yarn! Let's just say that the Niki Wiki is very well insulated!
The sailing life seems to offer ample opportunities for knitting, too. This is Terry's Charlotte's Web out of Koigu. Doesn't this remind you of a beautiful sunset on the ocean? "Red sky at night, sailors' delight..."
We also got to see the marvelous and famous (infamous??) Hooter Heaters -- the popcorn bra which Terry created for the "movie" theme event at Meg Swanson's Knitting Camp. We even found someone to model them! (The model reported that, indeed, The Hooter Heaters would definitely keep one's front regions from getting a chill in an overly air-conditioned theater.)

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cindi said...

Love those hooter heaters. And the model could work for Victoria's Secret, if she wasn't off keeping America safe all the time!