Monday, July 10, 2006

Cooling Off

What to do when it's too hot to knit? Do something impulsive: Jump in the car with some knitting buddies and head for the hills! So here we are, knitting in the cool shade of some obliging Sierra pines. Temperature in the mountains: 80 degrees. Temperature at home: 104. Good choice, huh?
We even managed some FOs! Here are my watermelon socks from Vicki Suan's yarn, and Cindi's first of two.
Emmy finished two scarves for her niece from yarn selected during Brittanie's visit last month.

Betsy finished the back of her cabled sweater and made great progress on the front.

Laura completed her fabulous Rogue cardigan -- and sewed on matching silver Celtic buttons. And the best part was -- it was cool enough to wear it!!

Needles just seem to knit faster at higher (and cooler) elevations.


caitlyn said...

Looks like you all had a lovely time!

Anonymous said...
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