Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Cue the fanfare!

I have awarded myself a Knitting Olympics Gold Medal.

Did I finish the cabled sweater?


However, I learned a thing or two about Olympic scoring techniques while watching the ice skating events. If it works for them, it should work for me.

SO! Under the new scoring system instituted after the infamous "Shetland judge cheating scandal," my knitting project scored enough points in the "difficulty" and "style" categories to win the gold, despite a disasterous "fall" mid-sweater which required ripping back 6 inches on both the front and back. The two sleeves earned flawless scores in the "long program" and the body recovered to be complete to the underarms. The Gold Medal is mine.

OK, Team Sacramento, how did the rest of you do in your events?


knitti-me said...

Although I didn't officially sign up for Team Sacramento (I did sign up for the Olympics though) - I was too busy knitting to realize there even was a Team Sacramento - I finished my throw - finishing the fringing Sunday afternoon.

Betsy said...

I got the gold ! Finished my hat and purse on Sat. when they were felted. Pictures soon on my website. Betsy

Beth C said...

Knitti-me, welcome to Team Sacramento! It's a state of mind kind of team rather than the kind of team with uniforms and membership cards. ;)

Congratulations to both you and Betsy for winning "untarnished" Gold Medals! Yay!!!!!

Lynette said...

Hi Beth! Sorry it's been a while since you last heard from me BUT hopefully I will be talking to you soon. I signed up for the Guild and plan to be at the next meeting.

Hope all is going well with you. Your gold medal was certainly deserved, I enjoyed your account of the scoring. Now, if we only had Dick Button as a knitting commentator....

BTW, I was at Babetta's today. Were those *your* stitch markers I saw for sale on her counter??