Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Knitting at Bodega Bay

Last weekend, six knitting friends and I rented a lovely house on Bodega Bay, and spent the whole weekend knitting, eating, knitting, buying yarn, eating, and (did I mention this?) knitting.

It was heavenly.

No phones. No kids or pets. No non-knitters who needed explanations for our behavior. No questions about exactly what is a "yarn emergency" and why, when only one person has one, does it result in three other people dropping their needles, grabbing their purses, and piling in the car for a 40-minute-each-way drive on a twisty two-lane road to the nearest yarn store. Knitters know.

This is the best photo I have of the group. You will notice that there are no needles or yarn in this picture. That is because all projects have been quickly dropped and abandoned mid-row so we could partake of the other major event type of the weekend -- eating. Who knew that knitters were such good cooks? Each of us hosted a different meal, and, of course, we also had a Beverage Engineer and a Snack Engineer. Doesn't everyone?

It was a great weekend. Great company, great conversation, great knitting. Let's do it again!

Real soon.


Lynette said...

Hi Beth! So happy you have started blogging, what took you so long?! Funny summary of your Bodega trip...I usually end up being the Snack Consultant.

Sissytheknitter said...

I would have loved your weekend! I went to Mendocino to the county fair to check out the yarn and fiber demos. It was pretty nice, bought some silk yarn from Napal.

Next time, invite me for the weekend knit in! I do some of the cooking.